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Bridging the gap between theory and practice

For investment experts who wish to invest globally and save significant time and money, Borealis offers a cutting-edge solution. We provide an independent, data-driven country asset allocation apparatus that delivers world-leading, actionable country-level investment insights. We accomplish this by leveraging advanced algorithms, visualization tools, a repository of proprietary investment data, an AI country selection analyst, and a deluge of dashboards with annotated charts.

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The Country Selection AI Analyst

Using next-generation LLMs (Large Language Models), our AI Analyst is capable of helping you dissect massive troves of data and academic literature. In addition to providing a user-friendly way of going through our database, our AI can also create chartbooks and reports relevant to your query, along with cited academic summaries to help the user evaluate investment strategies.

BGA Dashboard

The BGA Dashboard Environment

Come to re-imagine how you view the global investment landscape with our dashboard environment. Borealis offers a user-friendly UI to parse through tens of terabytes of data generated by the BGA Factor Data Engine.

With nearly ten thousand dashboards, Borealis' intuitive and navigable portal provides an exhaustive analysis of global equity strategies. See how a given strategy would have performed for a given region, timespan, strategy, and more.

Country Allocation

The BGA Country Portfolio Architect

With our country allocation models, construct novel allocation ETFs/indices and make recommendations for the burgeoning fleet of robo-advisors that have made their place in the modern financial paradigm.

With our conversational AI analyst, clarify any questions you have regarding the model portfolios and demystify the investment themes behind them.

Rating System

The BGA Country Rating System

Using machine learning and academic research, our country rating system helps you understand which factor groups are in play for a given country and for how long. Our forward looking system predicts turning points in global market trends, helping you manage volatility better.


BGA Analytical Database

With tens of terabytes of data and growing, our database has a wealth of investment knowledge waiting to be explored and researched. With our easy-to-use APIs, download and re-interpret the data as you see fit.

Factor Engine

BGA Factor Data Engine

Processing factors from nine different groups derived from academic sources, our number crunching machine has backtested a multitude of strategies over a multitude of timespans. As the backbone of our operation, our engine uses machine learning in addition to traditional statistical methods to provide our analytics resulting in the generation of numerous performance analytics measures for all processed strategies.


This engine is capable of much more than the factors that we have processed. With this engine, any computable factor can be processed in much the same way. Contact us today and see how our engine can help you with your vision.

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