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How People Use
Borealis Global Analytics

Discover how Borealis can help you achieve your investment goals on a global scale. Whether you're a financial advisor, analyst, or institutional investor, Borealis offers tailored solutions for all.


Explore the possibilities with Borealis today and turn your vision into reality on the world stage.

Institutional investors can use the product to:

  • Identify both attractive and volatile countries based on historical and forward-looking metrics

  • Evaluate the impact of various factors on the returns and risks of country-based portfolios

  • Optimize their country allocation and rebalancing strategies to enhance their portfolio performance and reduce their drawdowns

  • Compare their country portfolios with various benchmarks and peer groups

Image depicting Institutional investors
Image depciting an educator teaching students

Educators can use the product to:

  • Help students grasp the complexities of international financial markets using our robust and comprehensive BGA Factor Data Engine, BGA Dashboard Environment

  • Conduct empirical research on various hypotheses and models relating to country allocation

  • Prepare students for careers in international finance and business

Financial Data Providers

Financial Data Providers

  • Can use our products to strengthen their suite of international data analytics offerings

  • Promote the versatility and viability of their financial data streams

Financial data
ETF Sponsors
Image for ETF Sponsors

ETF Sponsors can use the product to:

  • Inspire and create new ETFs and indices to capture unexplored themes of the global financial landscape

  • Help promote their own suite of country-level products and services (ex. single country ETFs)

  • Use the Borealis product line to help investors do due diligence on country-level products

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors can use the product to:

  • Educate their clients on the benefits and challenges of country selection and diversification

  • Provide their clients with a customized and dynamic country allocation portfolio, with recommendations based on their risk preferences and objectives

  • Communicate and interact with their clients using interactive and user-friendly tools and reports using the BGA Dashboard Environment

Financial Consultation by a financial advisor
Financial Advisor
Asset Managers
Asset management

Asset managers can use the product to:

  • Enhance their investment process and decision-making by incorporating country selection as a key factor

  • Access state-of-the-art quantitative models and methods for country selection and portfolio construction

  • Leverage the analytical data produced by the BGA factor data engine

  • Differentiate their products and services from their competitors by offering innovative and value-added solutions for country selection

Financial Services Companies

Financial Services Companies 

  • Can use our novel and pioneering equity rating systems to extract insights that will help investors evaluate various country allocation products

  • Use our intuitive BGA Dashboard Environment to observe trends in international markets and to help investors comprehend said trends

  • Use our AI analyst to arrive at actionable insights faster and cheaper by reducing the time and money that portfolio managers spend on research

Financial Data Providers
Stock Market
Researchers using market data

Researchers can use the product to:

  • Access a comprehensive and consistent database of country indicators and returns spanning over 30 years and 80 countries

  • Conduct empirical research and testing on various hypotheses and models related to country selection

  • Explore the robustness and sensitivity of different country selection methods and metrics

  • Publish and disseminate their findings and insights to the academic and practitioner community

Robo Advisors
Robo advisors

Robo-Advisor Providers can use the product to:

  • Simplify international investing for a clientele who may not want to invest the time and energy to research this domain

  • Offer their clients an AI interface that can help clarify the advice discharged by robo-advisors

  • Expand their investment exposure in the field of international finance by incorporating portfolio allocation models at a country-level

Journalists covering unfolding stories in the financial market are welcome to use our data as well. Please contact us here and see how we can help you.

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