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Borealis' Outreach

We provide Global equity allocation recommedations and investment advice to independent Financial Advisors, Financial Institutions, Portfolio Money Managers, and Pension Funds. 


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Rahul Baig

Managing Director


The mission of Borealis Global Advisory is to provide the most comprehensive, affordable, and insightful source of economic and financial market analytics on the emerging and frontier markets to all investors. Radiant Frontiers will also provide an online portal for frontier market investors to share investment propositions and analysis, resulting in better investment decisions.

From Market discovery to decision in 3 steps


  • Price of ResearchAffordable, independent, and rigorous macroeconomic and investment research for individual investors and boutique Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) are limited. Most of the independent, sell-side macroeconomic research firms in the market charge arm and leg for their research thereby limiting the number of research products that the investors can peruse before arriving at actionable ideas for their portfolios and investments.


  • Access to Emerging and Frontier Markets’ Data and Research. Most of the top-notch research, which generally falls under the institutional umbrella, are proprietary and are not readily available in the open, thereby placing a high hurdle for individual investors and RIAs.

  • Speed to Find Actionable Insight. Most research is very textual in nature, which even for seasoned professionals can take hours to arrive at actionable ideas from them.


  • Speed to Package New Ideas. Portfolio managers frequently spent a lot of hours culling investing ideas from tons of literature from disparate sources, and then spend an equal number of hours collating, in order to put them for up for a presentation at investment meetings.


  • A one-stop online outlet for economic and investment intelligence on emerging and frontier countries, to meet the due diligence needs of institutional and individual investors, businessmen, industry captains, government agencies, and corporations who are making investments, direct and portfolio, in them.


  • A portal that pools original, rigorous, insightful, independent, and objective economic and investment analyses of emerging and frontier economies and markets aggregated from varied sources, including in- house as well as external analysts and investment strategists, in an easy-to-digest visual format – charts with blurbs.

  • A portal, which provides an avenue to astute analysts around the world to showcase their analyses on emerging and frontier economies and markets through articles, charts, country briefings, commentaries, and critiques.


  • A portal that keeps investors and layman abreast of the latest happenings – financial, economic, and political - in the emerging and frontier economies.


  • As emerging and frontier countries keep making rapid strides as made in the last decade, there will be rising demand for affordable market intelligence from the institutional investors, individual investors, businessmen, industry folks and government agencies of the developed world looking for information on emerging and frontier markets; not to forget similar demand from the populace there.

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