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Global Equity Allocation at Your Fingertips.

Simplifying investment strategies for Institutional Investors, Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Educators. Unleash the power of global equity allocation.


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"Borealis Global Analytics is building products that offers a unique blend of data-driven insights and advanced technology. Their approach to global investment is both innovative and practical. As the former director of DARPA, I see great potential in their offerings."

Tony Tether

Former Head of DARPA

From Market discovery to decision in 3 steps

How to choose a country for investment?

Deciding on a country for investment can be challenging with so many options available. Stay ahead of the game by getting insights into key indicators, market trends, and investment themes in various countries.

Country selection
Data analytics engine

What can I do with this information?

Knowing the market is just the first step. Take your knowledge to the next level by discovering the countries that offer the best investment opportunities. At the heart of our platform, we have a powerful data analytics engine that mines through vast amounts of financial and economic data. From there, we help you evaluate the best countries for your investment strategy.

Where should I invest?

Make informed investment decisions by analyzing market conditions, equity factors, and other key indicators. With our proprietary data and dashboards, you'll have the confidence to choose the countries with the highest potential for growth and return on investment.

Economic classification

Invest smarter, not harder with our all-in-one platform for Asset Allocators.


Borealis Global Analytics is a team of experts dedicated to providing the best country selection insights for money managers and capital allocators. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with unique backgrounds in finance, mathematics, computer science, and machine learning, led by Sailesh S. Radha, inventor of Medium-Term Country Yield Forecast (CY-M). Our mission is to help you make informed decisions with our top-notch country selection insights and diverse expertise. Our Advisory Board of experts in academia and business further strengthens our capabilities. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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