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Equity Asset Allocation Analytics
At a Fraction of the Time and Cost

Explore how Borealis' platform can help streamline equity asset allocation and improve the workflow of portfolio managers, equity analysts, and more. The only analytics platform that combines a massive library of smart-beta factor strategies with generative AI to deliver top-down equity and macroeconomic insights.


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Explore, Investigate, Decide


Unlock powerful insights with our advanced back-testing simulations. Access a vast library featuring over 120 factors and 7,000 multi-factors, covering 80 countries and 100 million charts. Our intuitive dashboard provides in-depth analytics, empowering top-down equity allocation decisions with precision and ease.

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Our Macro Pulse AI, Sovereign Equity Rating System, and AI Equity Analyst deliver macroeconomic insights in seconds, eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of central bank and supranational documents. Get the answers you need quickly and efficiently.


Once you've narrowed down on your desired investment strategy, download one of over 300K model portfolios, simplifying your asset allocation workflow.

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Invest smarter, not harder with our all-in-one platform for asset allocation.


Borealis Global Analytics is a team of experts dedicated to providing the best country selection insights for money managers and capital allocators. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with unique backgrounds in finance, mathematics, computer science, and machine learning, led by Sailesh S. Radha, inventor of Medium-Term Country Yield Forecast (CY-M). Our mission is to help you make informed decisions with our top-notch country selection insights and diverse expertise. Our Advisory Board of experts in academia and business further strengthens our capabilities. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Hear what the world has to say about us.

Borealis Global Analytics is an impressive company working in the equity asset management space, and we were happy to have them involved in FinovateSpring this year. Their demo really resonated with our audience, who enjoyed seeing how they’re using AI to enhance the decision-making processes and boost the productivity of money managers and investment advisors by automating complex data analysis, simulating model portfolios, and delivering actionable, data-driven insights. It’s well worth taking a look!

Greg Palmer

Vice President, Finovate

Our Recent Research

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